A safety and meet-up app designed for college students and young adults which offers live ETA, optional location tracking, and automated notifications to enhance the commuting experience.

This project was conceptualized during the iOS Decal at UC Berkeley, a student-led class where I learned how to develop iOS apps and program in Swift.

Common Patterns in student life at UC Berkeley include:

  • Feeling unsafe walking home late at night
  • Inefficiency making plans with friends or meeting up
  • Not knowing when someone would be late to meeting or not and wasting time
  • We observed that many students face challenges during their daily commute such as arriving on late, feeling unsafe, and disorganized group scheduling. Therefore, we asked, how might we make arrivals more safe and efficient?

    User Research

    We targeted millennials and college students – individuals who typically commuted by foot, traveled late at night, or often found themselves in group settings.

    Open ended interviews: We didn’t want to become too attached to our initial idea, especially if the issues didn’t persist with others. The first step I took was interviewing my peers to investigate problems that students and young adults face while commuting to places and making plans.

    Semi-structured interviews: Once I got a gauge on how much commuting effects student life, interview questions became more focused. This semi-structured interview process was great for surprising insights and collecting detailed feedback.

    User Insights

    • Users often forgot to notify their friends when they arrived home
    • Users experienced multiple people being late to a planned meet-up
    • Users prioritize being alert when walking home, especially at night
    • Users were split on taking specific routes for commute
    • Users were acquinated with location sharing but were aware that it may be cybersecurity and privacy concern
    • Female users were more concerned with safety, while male users were more concerned with meeting up and ETA's